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Auto injury Chiropractic services

If you’ve been injured in a crash, it has most likely affected your life in multiple ways. Many people are not able to perform their normal activities of daily living without pain, and for some, even resting is painful.

Auto injuries are different than many of the other injuries people normally encounter in their life. Consideration has to be given to the magnitude of forces placed on the human body when vehicles crash.

If you have crash injuries, they may not be felt right away, and about half of all people injured in car crashes will continue to have residual problems years later. These injuries should be addressed as soon as possible in order to give you the best chance for a full recovery.

Doctors with Knowledge and Experience

Treatment of your injuries starts with a good diagnosis. While many doctors will just tell you your neck or back is “sprained,” knowing whether there are torn ligaments, ruptured vertebral discs or pulled and injured muscles is important to your recovery.

The doctors at Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation Center have additional training, education and experience in auto injuries that gives them insight and understanding of what you are experiencing.

Different injuries require different techniques to treat your injuries. Through a combination of a thorough clinical examination, x-rays, MRI, CT (CAT scan), diagnostic ultrasound or other tests your injuries will be identified.

A treatment plan will be designed to address your specific injuries, including chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, therapeutic exercises, ultrasound and more. If your injuries are serious, we will get you connected with specialists.